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This review will guide you on how to turn off the holosun red dot sights correctly. With this, you will also get to know about the other related aspects that play a crucial role. Thus, you do not have to worry about the holosun red dot sight power system. Just follow the guide.

How To Turn Off Holosun Red Dot sight?

In Holosun red dot sights, brightness adjustment buttons are the ones that perform the task of setting the illumination of the red dot. However, these illumination adjustment buttons also handle the power system of the holosun optics.

If you simultaneously press the (“+” and “-“) button, then the sight will turn off after a few seconds. When the red dot sight gets disabled, then the other features, such as the shake-awake feature, also turn off.

This process of turning off the holosun red dot works the same for many holosun sights such as 510c, 507c, 509t, etc.

When And Why Should Holosun Red Dot Be Turned Off?

Red dot sights like Holosun’s and other red dot sights run on a battery that runs out eventually. However, how long we can use the battery depends on the illumination setting and the use of the red dot sight.

We must therefore turn off the red dot sights when not in use to preserve battery life. By doing this, the holosun red dot sights will last longer than originally thought. You can also put the holosun red dot sight to sleep instead of turning it off. Shooters generally want their sight to be ready for action at all times.

Holosun Red Dot Battery

To keep the holosun red dot sight last long, the battery should be handled carefully. You should therefore be careful to ensure that the sight is not left on when not in use. However, the holosun red dot sight uses a powerful battery that lasts longer. However, the power system must be maintained. Another way to preserve the battery power is to enable the shake-awake mode. Through this, you don’t have to manually switch on and switch off the holosun red dot.

Solar Power And Shake Awake Technology

If the battery runs out, the holosun red dot sight will be turned off. However, there is another power system which is solar power, that will keep the holosun red dot working fine in the daylight. But the performance will not be as good as the battery performs. 

In the holosun red dot sight, the shake-awake feature automates the task of powering on and off the sight. So the shooter does not have to worry about the sight and the battery power drainage. The shake-awake feature, when enabled, causes the holosun red dot sight to illuminate when it notices any shaking. As long as the red dot sight is detecting motion, the sight will not turn off. After use, when you put the sight somewhere idle, the holosun red dot sight will automatically turn off after a few seconds.

Bottom Line

To turn off the red dot sight, press the “+” and “-” illumination control buttons at the same time and wait for a sec for the sight to turn off. This is the manual process of turning off the red dot sight, but with these illumination buttons, you can switch to an automatic system. Turn on the shake-awake feature that will automatically handle the power system based on the motion. Furthermore, instead of turning off the red dot, you can also put the holosun red dot sight on sleep mode. All these ways will conserve the battery of the holosun red dot.

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Do red dot sights become inactive?

Yes, the red dot sights do become inactive whether you manually turn them off or not. There are some red dot sights with the auto-turn on/off feature. Thus, in case you left your sight active, then if the auto-turn on/off feature is enabled, the sight will become inactive in a situation where there is no movement of the red dot sight.

Is Shake Awake available on Holosun?

Yes, the majority of holosun sights have the shake-awake feature; however, not all sights do.

What is the lifespan of a Holosun red dot?

It varies based on the battery type and how the brightness level affects the battery. However, the holosun products often last long.

Is it possible to disable the Holosun shake-awake feature?

Yes, there are some models of holosun in which you can disable the shake-awake feature.

Why is my red dot sight not turning off?

If your red dot sight doesn’t turn off, there may be a manufacturing flaw in the sight that needs to be fixed by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can try turning this sight on and off by changing the battery.

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