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As an experienced shooter, I’ve had the privilege to work with numerous weapons, and among these, the B&T APC9 stands out as a personal favorite. To complement its capabilities, I’ve tested various red dot sights to elevate its performance.

After going through a spectrum of choices, the beacon that stood out was the Trijicon MRO. Its seamless blend with the APC9 enhanced my shooting precision and confidence, offering an edge that turned good into great.

This article aims to guide you on choosing the Best Red Dot for B&T APC9 by sharing my experiences and insights.

My Top 5 Best B&T APC9 Red Dots

1. Trijicon MRO – My Top Pick

Trijicon MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) 2.0 MOA Adjustable Green Dot Scope, Includes Low Mount
  • 2 MOA green dot reticle/8 reticle brightness...
  • 1x magnification/25mm objective/1/2 MOA ipc, 70 MOA...
  • Low-distortion multi-coated optics/canted objective...
  • Nitrogen-filled, Fogproof & submersible/7075-T6...
  • Parallax-free performance/low mount included

The Trijicon MRO Gen 2 is a compact, rugged, and versatile red dot optic, offering a wider field of view for quick target acquisition and superior situational awareness.

Large FOV: This optic allows more head movement while maintaining reticle acquisition, even in unconventional shooting postures or other canted positions. This is ideal for dynamic scenarios where rapid target acquisition and flexibility are key.

Max Situational Awareness: The design of the top adjustment turret minimizes view obstructions on either side of the optic, offering a clean, unobstructed view of your surroundings.

No Tube Effect: The unique tapered body design of the MRO Gen 2 facilitates forward widening FOV, reducing the “tube effect” and offering a more natural view while looking through 

the optic.

Built To Last: Built with 7075 T6 aluminum alloy, this optic can withstand heavy field abuse. It’s rugged, reliable, and built for the real world.

What could be better: While the MRO is designed to perfection, the lens tint could be improved upon. Some users might find it a tad too noticeable in certain lighting conditions.

My Experience 

Pairing the Trijicon MRO with the B&T APC9 was an exceptional experience. It significantly enhanced the functionality of the firearm, allowing for more versatility in target acquisition. The red dot was crisp and clear, and I was particularly impressed by how it maintained reticle acquisition even in unconventional shooting stances. 


  • Large field of view for better target acquisition.
  • Top adjustment turret design for maximum situational awareness.
  • The tapered body design reduces the “tube effect.”
  • Robust build quality with 7075 T6 aluminum alloy.


  • The lens tint may be noticeable in certain lighting conditions.
  • Battery life could be enhanced for longer field use.

2. HOLOSUN HS510C – Best Value for Money

HOLOSUN HS510C Multi-Reticle Green 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle Open Reflex Sight for Long Guns - Shake-Awake Solar FailSafe Waterproof Sight (HS510C)
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS510C sight is a versatile...
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun red dot sight is...
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by...
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot...
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle;...

The Holosun HS510C is a versatile, resilient, and feature-rich reflex optic offering multiple reticle options, solar power backup, and an impressive field of view, perfect for an immersive shooting experience.

Multi-Reticle Modes: Holosun HS510C offers three distinct reticle types: a 2 MOA center dot, a 65 MOA ring, and a combination of the two, providing customization based on your specific application and preferences.

Extended battery life: With an extraordinary battery life that lasts for years, you’ll seldom find yourself worrying about power. Plus, with the solar power backup, the sight keeps going, making it reliable in diverse shooting scenarios.

Optic Clarity and Reticle: The Holosun HS510C offers an impressive field of view thanks to its multi-layer coating. Its multiple reticle systems and parallax-free design contribute to a superior shooting experience.

What could be better: The Holosun HS510C does not offer a green reticle option, which some shooters may prefer for specific shooting conditions. Additionally, the package does not include a lens cloth for maintenance.

My Experience 

Using the Holosun HS510C on the B&T APC9 was a delight. The multiple reticle modes provided versatility, and the wide field of view allowed for fast, precise shooting. The added peace of mind of knowing that it had a solar backup for power made it a reliable companion in the field. The optic proved robust and shockproof, withstanding the rigorous use I put it through.


  • Multi-Reticle modes offer versatility based on the shooter’s preferences.
  • Extended battery life with solar power backup ensures reliability.
  • Robust and shockproof, designed for rigorous use.


  • Lacks a green reticle option, which could limit customization.
  • The sight could be considered heavy by some shooters.
  • No lens cloth is included for maintenance.

3. EOTECH EXPS3 – Rapid Target Acquisition

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight EXPS3-0 black
  • EOTECH EXPS3-0 - Holographic Weapon Sight in black with...
  • Night Vision Compatible - Works with all Gen 1-3 night...
  • Side Button Operation - Compact design and side button...
  • Mount - Quick Detach lever fits 1" Weaver and MIL-STD...
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty - Comes with a 10 year...

The EOTech EXPS3 is a high-end holographic sight optimized for rapid target acquisition, designed for use in diverse lighting conditions, and compatible with night vision.

Large Field of View: The EXPS3 offers a large field of view, allowing for aim with both eyes open and more effective shooting in tight spaces.

Additional Protection: Equipped with an external lens hood, this feature prevents external forces from impacting the main optic, providing added resilience to the optic system.

CQB Holdover: The 68 MOA ring feature enables fast close-range holdover and target distance estimation, which is particularly useful in close-quarter battles.

Auto Shut-Down: This feature automatically turns off the device after 8 hours or can be programmed to 4 hours, saving battery life if you forget to turn it off during transport.

What could be better: While the EXPS3 excels in many aspects, its battery life could be improved. Laser diodes use a lot more power than LEDs found in red dot sights, so you’ll need to be mindful of the battery life during prolonged use.

My Experience 

Mounted on my B&T APC9, the EXPS3 was a game-changer. The quick target acquisition, generous field of view, and added protective features were impressive. The clarity of the reticle, whether in bright daylight or low light, was excellent. However, having to keep a check on the battery life was a bit of a letdown.


  • Fast target acquisition
  • Large field of view, enhancing situational awareness
  • Durable, with added protective features
  • Auto Shut-Down to preserve battery life


  • Battery life is not as good as red dot sights
  • Adjustment sounds are not as audible, which may matter to some users
  • Keeping the optic clean, especially in the rain, can be a bit of a challenge

See Detailed Comparison of Trijicon MRO and Eotech XPS3.

4. Aimpoint Micro H-2 – Premium Scope

Aimpoint Micro H-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight with Standard Mount - 2 MOA - 200185
  • Advanced objective lens system for better light...
  • 2 MOA dot with 12 settings for low light and daylight...
  • Standard Mount for Picatinny and Weaver Mount Included
  • Up to 5 years of continuous operation using one CR2032...
  • Front and rear flip-up lens covers included

The Aimpoint H2 is a robust and compact red dot sight built for superior durability and performance, offering unparalleled accuracy and quick target acquisition.

Exceptional Durability: The Micro H-2 is constructed with 7075 T6 aluminum that can endure both internal and external challenges, ensuring it retains zero under all conditions and withstands heavy physical abuse.

Extended Battery Life: Powered by a CR2032 battery, the H-2 offers a seemingly infinite battery life of 40,000 hours, keeping your sight ready whenever you need it.

2 MOA Reticle: The Micro H-2 sports a 2 MOA dot reticle, allowing for precise aiming and optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions, thanks to its brightness adjustment feature.

What could be better: While the Aimpoint Micro H-2 is a stellar sight, its price might be on the higher side for some users. Additionally, it lacks integrated magnification options, and the adjustment knobs could be more user-friendly.

My Experience 

I found the Aimpoint Micro H-2 incredibly efficient when using it with my B&T APC9. The sight fits perfectly on my gun, and its low profile design didn’t add any significant weight. Acquiring targets was quick and accurate, whether at close or medium range. The robustness and reliability of this red dot sight boosted my confidence during use.


  • Robust and durable construction
  • Extended battery life
  • Precise 2 MOA red dot
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Higher price range
  • The 2 MOA reticle might be small for some users

See Head To Head Comparison Aimpoint H2 and T2.

Final Verdict

After rigorous testing and thorough comparison, I can confidently proclaim that the Trijicon MRO emerges as my top choice for the B&T APC9. This is not to say the other sights fall short; each brings something unique to the table and may cater better to certain user preferences. 

The HOLOSUN HS510C, with its multiple reticle modes, is a versatile option, while the EOTECH EXPS3 excels in rapid target acquisition. The Aimpoint Micro H-2, with its remarkable durability, can withstand tough field conditions. 

However, my personal preference leans towards the MRO, given its performance, field of view, and superior situational awareness. At the end of the day, the best sight will depend on individual needs, shooting environment, and personal preferences.


What is the best range for a red dot sight?

The best range for a red dot sight is typically within 100 yards, although they can be adequate for up to 300 yards.

What is the best aimpoint red dot?

The Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight is considered the best overall Aimpoint red dot.

What is the longest battery life on a red dot?

The longest battery life on a red dot is about 150,000 hours, offered by the Vortex Sparc Solar.

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