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Welcome to my blog about EOTech EXPS2 problems.

Today, I’m delving into a subject that has been generating a lot of discussion among gun enthusiasts: the Eotech EXPS2 issues. 

Instead of simply repeating the same dull facts that you can find elsewhere, I won’t do that here. I’ll tell you everything that happened, along with my suggestions for fixing the Eotech EXPS2 problem.

EOTech EXPS2 Problems To Be Aware of

There are indeed some prevalent problems to be aware of. But do not worry, as many of these problems can be quickly fixed with a few easy fixes.

1. Zero Shift in Extreme Weather Conditions

Have you ever been frustrated while trying to aim at a target only to discover that your sight has been forced to zero by bad weather? When moving from a cold to a hot environment, this problem is frequently experienced. 


  • Allow your sight to become accustomed to the temperature changes before using it. 
  • To prevent damage to your sight from sharp temperature changes, use the thermal shield or sight hood, respectively. 

2. Battery Drainage

Users of the Eotech EXPS2 beware! Have you ever been dissatisfied by a dead battery right when you needed your sight the most? If your Eotech sight is not turned off completely after use or is left on for a prolonged amount of time, battery depletion may result. 


  • To prolong the life of the battery in your sight, be sure to correctly switch it off after every use. 

3. Washout in Bright Light

Every shooter had once experienced this: you line up for the ideal shot, only to lose sight of your reticle in direct sunlight or other intense light sources. 

Avoid letting bad visibility undermine your hunting trip! In these circumstances, the reticle on the Eotech EXPS2 may appear scrubbed out or challenging to see. 


  • With your sight, employing a kill flash or sunshade can help lessen glare and increase reticle exposure. 

This will enable you to maintain your focus and consistently hit your target. 

4. Mounting Issues

Don’t let a bad mount destroy your shooting! Incorrect mounting or an unsecured mount could prevent the Eotech EXPS2 from mounting correctly or cause it to come loose while in use. 


  • Be sure to mount the sight according to the directions provided by the manufacturer. 
  • Before using it again, inspect the mount for damage or signs of wear. 

You can make sure your sight is firmly in place and prepared to assist you in hitting your target every time by doing this. 

5. Blurry or Distorted Reticle

Have you ever found yourself straining to see a fuzzy or distorted reticle? This frequent problem can be aggravating for any shooter. 

Things to consider first, a dirty lens is frequently to blame. 


  • A microfiber cloth can do wonders by just wiping the lens. 
  • Stay away from harsh cleaning agents because they can ruin the lens and make the problem more severe. 
  • It may be necessary for the maker to substitute or fix the reticle if it is broken. 

You can get an unobstructed view with your Eotech EXPS2 and never fail to take a shot once you follow these easy steps!

6. Parallax Error

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that despite having your sight on a thing, you still missed it? A parallax error might be to blame. This frequent problem happens when the shooter’s eye is not lined up with the optical axis of the sight. 


  • Proper sight alignment and eye relief adjustment can help assure that the reticle is centered in your field of view. 

Spend some time setting up your sight correctly before your next shooting session to get the best outcomes. Your targets won’t have any idea what struck them!

Alternatives To EOTech EXPS2

The Eotech EXPS2 can be replaced by a variety of options. Here are some possibilities:

Eotech EXPS3

The Eotech EXPS3 is lightweight and portable sight, making it simple to handle and move around. Additionally, it works with night vision equipment.  

Furthermore, the Eotech EXPS3 has a robust design and waterproof capability guaranteeing that it will endure adverse weather conditions and unintentional drops. 

It also has a quick-detach mount that makes it simple to connect and detach from guns.

Detailed comparison of Exps2 and Exps3

Eotech XPS2

The Eotech XPS2 has unlimited eye relief, allowing users to keep a convenient viewing position whilst aiming. Night vision equipment can be used with the Eotech XPS 2. One CR123 battery, which is widely accessible and offers lasting power, is used to power it.

Additionally, the EOTech XPS2 sight has a lower 1/3 co-witness mount, which works with a majority of guns and lets users keep their sights aligned properly.

Comparison of Eotech XPS2 and XPS3

Aimpoint PRO

The Aimpoint Pro has a 2 MOA dot reticle, which allows for more precise aiming for greater accuracy. Additionally, it offers limitless eye relief, making prolonged aiming comfortable.

 A single 3V lithium battery that powers it can function continuously for up to 30k hours. The Aimpoint Pro is also waterproof for up to 150 feet.

A QRP2 mount that enables simple and speedy mounting onto a weapon is included with the Aimpoint Pro sight.

My Experience With EOTech EXPS2

I’ve had the good fortune to use the Eotech EXPS2 for a good while now because I enjoy shooting and hunting a lot. And generally speaking, it’s been a really good experience. 

I’ve had good luck with this sight both when hunting and shooting for fun. But it does have some restrictions, just like any other kind of machinery. 

I’ve had two problems: rapid warmth changes can cause major shifts in zero, and the battery drains fast. Despite these drawbacks, I still think the Eotech EXPS2 is a great option. 

Final Verdict

To sum up, the Eotech EXPS2 sight is a highly effective tool that can easily assist you in achieving a precise aim. Although some potential disadvantages have been noted, don’t let that stop you. 

You can easily prevent these problems and keep your sight operating at its peak by adhering to the manufacturer’s upkeep and usage directions. 

So, whether you’re a proficient shooter or just getting started, the Eotech EXPS2 is unquestionably something to think about. Grab your weapon, load it up, and fire confidently knowing that the Eotech EXPS2 has your back.


What is the battery life of the EOTech EXPS2?

The battery life of the Eotech EXPS2 is up to 1,000 hours on setting 12.

Can the EOTech EXPS2 be used with night vision?

Yes, the EOTech EXPS2 can be used with night vision devices.

Is the EOTech EXPS2 waterproof?

Yes, the Eotech EXPS2 is waterproof up to 33 feet.

What is thermal drift in Eotech EXPS2?

Thermal drift is the term for the reticle’s point of aim shifting as a result of temperature adjustments. When the eye is exposed to sudden or extreme fluctuations in temperature, this can happen.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my EOTech EXPS2?

Eotech is against using any kind of rechargeable batteries in its sights.

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