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If you’re a firearms enthusiast like me, you understand that the greatest happiness comes from hitting your target. I’m here to talk to you about the Eotech EXPS3.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss Eotech EXPS3 Problems that you may have come across or heard about. So let’s get ready to fire and explore the problems of the Eotech EXPS3 along with the solutions!

Quick Eotech EXPS3 Problems & Solutions

Here’s a table summarizing the problems and quick solutions for EOTech EXPS3 issues:

Battery Life IssueAlways keep extra batteries on hand and turn off the sight when not in use.
Flickering ReticleEnsure the battery is securely inserted, and the contacts are clean.
Parallax ErrorSecure the sight correctly and position your eye in the center of the sight to avoid parallax.
Durability IssueUse a cover to protect the sight when carrying it and keep it away from extreme weather conditions.
Temperature SensitivityMaintain a moderate temperature range during use and store the sight in a cool, dry location when not in use.
Reticle WashoutUse a polarizing filter or an anti-reflective device (ARD) to minimize reticle washout in direct sunlight.
Compatibility IssueEnsure proper positioning and alignment of the mount with your firearm to prevent compatibility problems.

These solutions address common problems with the EOTech EXPS3 and provide simple, quick ways to resolve them effectively.

Top 7 Eotech EXPS3 Problems & Easy Solutions

1. Battery Life Issue

The CR123 lithium battery that powers the EOTech EXPS3 is susceptible to rapid drain if improperly cared for. If you’re out in the field without a backup battery, this could be a problem. 


  • Always keep extra batteries on hand and turn the sight off when it’s not in use to avoid this problem.

2. Flickering Reticle

You might have noticed that the reticle on their EOTech EXPS3 flashes or seems distorted. A faulty connection between the power source and the sight may be the root of the problem. 


  • The battery must be inserted securely, and the contacts must be clean to resolve this problem.

3. Parallax Error

When you move your head, parallax happens, making the reticle show up to shift toward the target. When shooting from uncomfortable positions or at a distance, this may be something to consider. 


  • To prevent this problem, make sure that the sight is secured correctly as well as your eye is positioned in the center of the sight.

4. Durability Issue

Despite being built to be sturdy and resilient, the EOTech EXPS3 can still sustain damage if dropped or exposed to harsh weather. 


  • Use a cover whenever you carry the sight to prevent this problem, and keep it out of the sun and away from extreme temperatures.

5. Temperature Sensitivity

The EOTech EXPS3 can be highly susceptible to extremely hot or cold temperatures. 

In colder weather, the duration of the battery may be reduced, and the sight may react more slowly. The reticle might seem distorted or blurry in hot weather. 


  • Try to maintain a moderate temperature range for the sight when it is in use and keep it in a cool, dry location when not in use to prevent temperature-related issues.

6. Reticle Washout

In direct sunlight, the reticle on the EOTech EXPS3 seems cleaned out or difficult to see. If you’re shooting outside during the day, this could be a problem. 


  • You can use a polarising filter or an anti-reflective device (ARD) to minimize reticle washout. 

7. Compatibility Issue

The EOTech EXPS3 is made to function with a variety of weapons and mounting options. Nevertheless, some users have mentioned having compatibility problems with specific mounts or weapons. 


  • Make sure the sight is properly positioned and that the mount you select is in line with your firearm to prevent this problem.

Top 3 Alternatives To EOTech EXPS3

1. Eotech EXPS2

The Eotech EXPS2 is a small holographic sight made for use with pistols and shotguns. It uses only one CR123A battery and has a resilient aluminum housing. 

The sight has a 68 MOA circle reticle with a 1 MOA dot in the center, providing a 1x magnification. Additionally, it is parallax-free and offers unlimited eye relief. 

The EXPS2 also features a quick-detach lever for simple attachment and removing them. It is dependable in any hitting surroundings because it is also resistant to water and adaptable to high temperatures.

See Detailed comparison of Exps2 and Exps3

2. Holosun 510C

The Holosun 510C is a highly desired red dot sight for assault weapons and shotguns. It has a 2 MOA red dot and a 65 MOA circle that provides simple and fast target acquisition. 

An enduring aluminum housing is used to build the Holosun 510C sight. The Holosun 510C is a robust and credible sight with a battery that has a life of up to 5 years and a solar panel for long-term use. 

It has 10 brightness settings, two of which are appropriate for night vision, as well as a shake-awake feature that activates the sight when it observes motion. 

3. Aimpoint Micro T2

The Aimpoint Micro T2 is a red dot sight that offers quick-finding targets and accurate aiming. It is perfect for use on tiny firearms because of its lightweight and compact size. 

With an estimated battery life of a maximum of five years, the T2 is an effective option for long-term usage. It has a 2 MOA dot reticle with illumination adjustment and compatibility with night vision equipment. 

The Aimpoint Micro T2 sight is constructed with a housing made of high-strength aluminum and is impermeable to up to 25 meters. 

Know the Difference Between Aimpoint T2 and Eotech Exps3

Final Verdict

The Eotech EXPS3 is a sight with a history of problems. The possibility of thermal drift, leading the reticle to move away from its zero point, represented one of the primary problems. 

Another problem was parallax error, which Eotech addressed by introducing a brand-new reticle design that lessens parallax and boosts reliability. 

The EXPS3 is still a highly considered optic that provides excellent functionality and reliability despite these drawbacks. To make sure that the EXPS3 continues to be the preferred option for shooters and military personnel, Eotech has taken steps to fix the issues. 


What results in the Eotech EXPS3 losing a zero?

The Eotech EXPS3 may experience a loss of zero due to shock or effect, being subjected to high temperatures, incorrect setup, or mounting.

How can I keep the reticle in my Eotech EXPS3 sight from drifting?

To avoid reticle movement in your Eotech EXPS3, make sure the sight is correctly mounted.

Is the Eotech EXPS3 sight reliable and long-lasting?

The Eotech EXPS3 is indeed well-known for its reliability and long-lasting nature.

What is the warranty period for the Eotech EXPS3 sight?

Eotech offers a 10-year limited warranty for the EXPS3 sight.

What kind of battery is used by the Eotech EXPS3 sight?

One CR123 battery powers the Eotech EXPS3 sight.

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