RMSc Vs Holosun K Footprint 

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Hey Shooters! Welcome to the comparison of RMSc VS Holosun K Footprint.

As a professional shooter who’s had hands-on experience with both the RMSc and Holosun K footprints, I’m here to dive into the specifics of these two popular optic footprints.

My aim with this article is to provide clear, straightforward insights from a shooter’s perspective, shedding light on how these footprints fare.

Holosun K Series Footprint Vs RMSc Footprint: Key Differences

1. Mounting Holes

The Holosun K Series footprint stands out with its distinctive design in the mounting holes, setting it apart from the RMSc footprint. Each footprint has a unique arrangement for these holes, which are critical for securing the optic. 

The K Series uses specific recoil lug positions and is anchored using index post pins. This precise configuration is essential for ensuring a secure and stable mount, making it a crucial aspect when comparing the two footprints.

2. Recoil Lug Positions

One of the most notable differences lies in the recoil lug positions. The Holosun K Series features only two recoil lugs at the front, and these lugs have shallower recesses.

In contrast, the RMSc footprint includes four lugs, with two located at the front and two at the rear. This variance in the number and position of the recoil lugs is not just a minor detail; it significantly impacts how these footprints are compatible with various firearms. 

It influences the overall mounting process, dictating which firearms can accommodate these optics without additional modifications.

3. Waterproof Design

A standout feature of the Holosun K Series is its waterproof design. Achieving this level of water resistance involved a strategic design choice: the elimination of the rear recoil lugs. 

This unique characteristic is not common in the micro optic class, providing the K Series with a significant advantage in terms of durability.

The waterproof capability is particularly beneficial in adverse weather conditions, offering reliability and peace of mind during outdoor use or in environments where exposure to elements is a concern.

Holosun K Series Optics

  • Holosun HE507K-GR X2
  • Holosun 507K (HS507K)
  • Holosun 407K
  • Holosun EPS and EPS Carry 

RMSc Footprint Optics

  • Shield RMSc
  • Swampfox Sentinel
  • Hex Wasp & more

Guns Suitable with the Holosun K Footprint

The Holosun K Series optics, known for their modified RMSc footprint, are becoming increasingly compatible with a variety of pistols with direct compatibility or adapter plates; 

  • Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 (requires specific screws)
  • Smith & Wesson Equalizer (requires specific screws)
  • Sig Sauer P322
  • Sig Sauer P365X
  • Sig Sauer P365XL
  • Sig Sauer P365X-Macro
  • Sig Sauer P365-380
  • Canik TP9 Elite SC
  • FN Reflex MRD
  • Mossberg 940 Tactical (Shotgun)
  • PSA 5.7 Rock
  • PSA Micro Dagger
  • Ruger Max-9
  • Shadow Systems CR920
  • Taurus TX22 Compact
  • Taurus GX4
  • Taurus GX4 XL T.O.R.O
  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Glock 43X MOS

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the RMSc and Holosun K footprints, while similar, have distinct characteristics that can significantly impact a shooter’s choice. 

The Holosun K Series, with its unique mounting and recoil lug design, along with its waterproof nature, offers a compelling alternative to the traditional RMSc footprint. It’s essential for users to understand these differences to ensure that their optic choices are compatible with their firearms and meet their shooting needs. 


Is the Holosun K footprint the same as the RMSc footprint?

No, the Holosun K footprint is not the same as the RMSc footprint. While they share similar hole spacing, the K footprint does not have rear recoil lugs and its front lugs are shallower, affecting compatibility with some RMSc specific mounts.

Will Holosun 507K fit RMS cut?

Yes, the Holosun 507K is compatible with the Shield RMSc/RMS/RMSw/SMS, Sig Romeo Zero Optic, JP Jpoint Optic footprints, cuts, or mounting plates, fitting firearms like the Hellcat, Sig P365XL, and Glock 43X MOS.

Does the Holosun 507K fit the Shield Plus?

Mounting the Holosun 507K on the Shield Plus can be challenging as the Shield Plus is cut for an Rmsc footprint, which does not directly fit the Holosun 507K without modifications.

What red dots use the RMSc footprint?

Red dot sights using the RMSc footprint include Swampfox Sentinel, Shield RMSc & more.

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