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I’m here to share my hands-on experience with the Swampfox Kraken Red Dot. As an avid user of firearms, I’ve had my fair share of testing out different gear, and the Kraken caught my attention. 

During my time in the field, I noticed a few issues with this model that might be common to others, too.

I’ve personally encountered Swampfox Kraken Problems like a blue tint in the lens, a fuzzy dot, issues with the dot not holding zero well, and some battery-related troubles. I know how frustrating it can be to face these issues, especially when you’re relying on your gear. 

The aim of this article is to provide you with practical solutions to the common problems encountered with the Swampfox Kraken Red Dot. 

Quick Swampfox Kraken Issues & Fixes

Swampfox Kraken ProblemsSolution
Blue Tint in the LensAdjust shooting environment, lighting conditions, and dot brightness settings.
Fuzzy DotClean the lens, adjust brightness settings, and ensure correct prescription eyewear if needed.
Dot Not Holding Zero WellEnsure proper and secure mounting, use high-quality mount, and consider reaching out to the manufacturer for support.
Eye StrainAdjust the dot’s brightness, take regular breaks, keep the lens clean, and ensure correct vision correction.

Top 4 Swampfox Kraken Problems & Solutions

1. Blue Tint in the Lens

During my time with the Swampfox Kraken, I noticed a distinct blue tint in the lens. Initially, I thought it was a minor issue, but as I continued to use it, the tint started affecting my visibility, especially in bright conditions. 

This tint can be a bit of a distraction, making it hard to focus on targets. It’s a common issue with some optics stemming from the lens coatings that are supposed to reduce glare and improve clarity. 

However, in Kraken’s case, it seemed to be more pronounced than usual, which was quite noticeable when switching from unaided vision to looking through the red dot.


To tackle the blue tint issue, I tried a few things. The most effective solution was adjusting my shooting environment and lighting conditions as much as possible. 

Bright, direct sunlight tends to amplify the blue tint, so shooting in slightly overcast conditions or at times of day when the sun isn’t at its peak helped reduce the effect. Additionally, I experimented with the brightness settings on the Kraken, as lower settings sometimes made the blue tint less intrusive. 

While these aren’t perfect fixes, they certainly made the blue tint less of a distraction for me. It’s also worth noting that getting used to the tint over time helped as my eyes adjusted to the color difference.

2. Fuzzy Dot 

A significant issue I came across with the Swampfox Kraken was the appearance of a fuzzy dot. Ideally, the red dot should be crisp and clear, providing an accurate point of aim. 

However, in my experience, the dot often appeared blurred or distorted. This fuzziness can seriously hinder precision, especially in scenarios requiring quick and accurate target acquisition. 

Initially, I wondered if it was a defect in my specific unit, but after some research, I realized this could be a more widespread issue. The fuzziness seemed more pronounced in bright light conditions and also varied with the dot’s intensity setting. 

This problem could stem from multiple factors, including the quality of the optics and the way the reticle is projected within the sight.


To address the fuzzy dot issue, I first tried cleaning the lens thoroughly, ensuring no smudges or dirt were causing the distortion. When this didn’t fully resolve the problem, I experimented with the brightness settings. 

Reducing the intensity of the dot sometimes helped to sharpen its appearance. Additionally, for those who wear glasses or have vision issues, checking if your prescription is up-to-date is crucial, as this can significantly impact how the dot appears. 

In cases where these steps don’t help, it might be a manufacturing inconsistency, and contacting the manufacturer for a potential replacement or further guidance would be the next step. Remember, ensuring the dot’s clarity is key for accurate and reliable use.

3. Dot Not Holding Zero Well

One of the challenges I faced with the Swampfox Kraken was its difficulty in holding zero. For those not familiar, ‘holding zero’ refers to the sight’s ability to maintain its point of aim after being set, despite recoil and other disturbances. 

This is crucial for accuracy. With the Kraken, after setting it to my preferred zero, I noticed it would drift after a few rounds of firing. 

This issue can be particularly frustrating during a shooting session, as it demands constant readjustment and can throw off your accuracy. 

Initially, I thought it might be an issue with the mounting, but after double-checking, the problem persisted. This inconsistency in holding zero can be a deal-breaker for many shooters, especially in scenarios requiring precision and reliability.


To address the zero-holding issue, I first made sure the Kraken was mounted correctly and securely. Ensuring the mounting screws were tightened to the manufacturer’s specified torque helped a bit. If the issue persists, rechecking the alignment and remounting the sight might be necessary. 

Additionally, using a high-quality mount can also make a difference. In some cases, this problem could be due to internal defects within the sight, so if these steps don’t rectify the issue, reaching out to Swampfox for support or considering a warranty claim may be necessary. It’s important to have a red dot you can rely on to hold zero for consistent performance.

4. Eye Strain

While using the Swampfox Kraken, I began to notice significant eye strain after prolonged use. Eye strain in this context refers to the discomfort and fatigue in the eyes that can occur when focusing on an optic like a red dot sight for extended periods. 

This problem can detract from the shooting experience and affect performance. In my case, I realized that continuously focusing on the red dot, especially under varying light conditions, was causing my eyes to tire quickly. 

This issue is not unique to the Kraken but can be more pronounced depending on the optic’s design and individual user factors such as eye sensitivity and vision health.


To mitigate eye strain, I found a couple of strategies helpful. Firstly, adjusting the brightness of the dot to the lowest setting that remains visible was crucial. This reduced glare and made the dot less harsh on the eyes. 

Taking regular breaks also helped; stepping away from the sight for a few minutes can allow your eyes to rest. Moreover, ensuring the lens is clean and free of smudges can reduce the need for your eyes to strain to focus through any obstructions. 

Remember, reducing eye strain is not only about comfort but also about maintaining the accuracy and effectiveness of your shooting.

Alternatives to Swampfox Kraken

1. Aimpoint Acro

The Aimpoint Acro stands out for its rugged construction and reliable performance under extreme conditions. It’s highly appreciated for its closed-emitter design that protects against environmental elements.

2. Holosun 509T

The Holosun 509T is renowned for its versatile reticle options and solar power backup. Its durability and user-friendly interface make it a favorite among shooting enthusiasts.

3. Holosun SCS

Holosun SCS (Solar Charging Sight) is innovative with its solar charging capability and intelligent power management. This red dot is perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly testing the Swampfox Kraken Red Dot, I’ve concluded that while it does have its quirks, they’re not deal-breakers. 

These fixes have notably improved my experience. So, if you’re willing to make these adjustments, the Kraken offers solid performance and can be a dependable part of your gear.


What is the battery life of the Swampfox Kraken?

The Swampfox Kraken boasts a 2-year real-world battery life, thanks to its innovative Shake N Wake technology.

Is the Swampfox Kraken waterproof?

Yes, the Swampfox Kraken is waterproof, featuring a durable double barrel waterproof 7075 aluminum housing.

What footprint is Swampfox Kraken?

The Swampfox uses an RMR footprint adapter, compatible with mounting plates like the RMR mounting plate from FN.

Is Swampfox a good red dot?

The Swampfox Liberty & Justice Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight is a commendable option, offering clarity, customizable brightness, and a robust build for those seeking an RMR pistol cut sight.

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